Naissaare hiking day (time to be agreed)


A one-day overseas adventure to a small island.
Naissaar awaits you for a day adventure.

We depart from the Seaplane Harbour in the morning at 9-10 am.
We will arrive around at noon.
Then we will take our first breathers, have lunch and ice cream.

After lunch, we will go for a hiking tour of about 3 hours to the southern tip of the island, which looks like the beach of some southern countries. We will sit once at the church and from there we will wander back to the harbour through the mines. There's still some time to be on your own.

Around 6pm we eat dinner and start to settle in for the night. Depending on the time of the year, we may manage to watch the sun fall into the sea. 

The trip is about 15 nautical miles.
We take up to 10 passengers.

The price for the day is 800€ (about 80€ per person).
Includes trip, guide, meals/drinks, no alcohol.

You can also book a day with a train/car excursion. 


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