19-23.07 – Haapsalu – Innovation festival


Haapsalu, here we come!

We will start our journey from Seaplane Harbour already on Thursday. So it's not just sailing. By the evening of the first day we plan to reach Dirham.
In Haapsalu, the Innovation Festival and the food truck festival will be waiting for us. You go where your heart takes you. 

On Sunday early morning after the big festivities we will start to settle in. We have a long day of driving ahead of us. We should be home by the evening.
In case of bad weather we will drop you off in Dirham. 

The trip is about 150 nautical miles. 

Stops where you can get on/off: Dirhami, Haapsalu

Price 80€ per person per day. Includes travel and meals/drinks. Alcohol not included.

The trip is about 240 nautical miles. 

Weight 3 kg


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