21-28.06 Archipelago of Finland I- escapade race


A January Maritime Adventure in the Finnish archipelago.
A longer trip around the Finnish archipelago, heading west. 

It's a longer ride and needs preparation. To warm up, we have planned a test run in the evening at sea about a week before the trip. We'll get to know each other and see how life at sea is on a sailboat. Then it will be better afterwards, after all you have to live with your feet together for a week. 

We start the trip on 21.06 from Tallinn Seaplane Harbour. Escadrada sailing means that there will be other boats travelling with us. It's more mixed in the company.

The goal for the first day is to get across the Gulf of Finland between the islands at a reasonable speed. We put in at a familiar harbour and get used to the new situation and the sea.

On the following days we will take shorter and longer days. Both on land and at sea. Some days we don't sail at all. 
Depending on how far we get, but on 27-28.06 we will have days of sailing. 

There are very nice guest harbours and natural harbours in Finland. Like our RMK, but accessible from the sea. It's not uncommon for us to be sitting on a desert island in the evening. 

Come and have an adventure with us! 

The trip is about 250 nautical miles. 

Stops where you can disembark: Bärosund

Price 80€ per person per day. Includes travel and meals/drinks. Alcohol not included. 

Weight 2 kg


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