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About Muff

I've been seasick probably as a result of the actions of my late grandfather and parents. Grandfather was actually a member of the Kalev Yacht Club. As far as I know, he had his helmsman papers in the making. When I was a little boy I remember stories of going sailing in Haapsalu. During the summer, it was customary to take various equipment out of the shed and put it together in the yard. Say to one of the technically-minded boys, "Listen, let's go to grandfather's to assemble a boat or to push a hat out..." Sometimes we would also go to the seaside, for example with an optimist, which we would put on the roof of a yellow Iz station wagon.

There are 5 children in our family. Does not matter that they were grown up, we were taken to the Männiku quarry and the place where Tilgu harbour is today. Well, and to give the marauding herd something to do, the parents always took along a few mattresses or a rubber ducky. Yes, I'm from the generation that didn't have a helmet when we were cycling and who, as a child, had hit himself in the face with a hammer and wobbled on an asphalting machine and learnt to repair a moped engine with dad and rode with a mosse in the back of his trunk because 7 people needed to move.

Firts boats

About 6 years ago I bought my first sailboat, and two weeks after I got the permits I went alone to Aegna. Yes, it's a big deal. In the meantime we have brought a few more boats here and there. Still somehow adventurous. Life has more or less always been in Sea Harbour during the summer. 

A few years ago, there was a kind of crunch going around that, well, now I need a kayak. By the way, an injection is the same thing as a kayak in Estonian (süst). So then, I bought a few off the discount store without knowing basically anything about it. Except for going canoeing in the spring, which is tradition. Anyway, the kayaks stuck with me. At first I just started taking friends out on the water, and later on strangers. More cautiously at first, and along the shore. Later on, learning and training and improving my equipment, I went quietly further out. 

Hiking guide with papers

As luck would have it, the summer of 2020 was relatively free. A good opportunity to dive more into the watery world. In the spring, when the air got freer, I went on a waterski guide course and passed the exam. So I'm an EKR4 level waterway guide. With papers and all! 

Today I ride with World of Kayaksi WK 510It's a bit technical, but it's a beautiful yellow boat made of glass fibre. One of the first that WK produced in this model and we helped upgrade the first three to make them better. 
For the third season in a row I'm still in Seaplane Harbour with my main equipment. I've made a lot of new friends and acquaintances and of course a variety of boats to take out on the water. 
I organize my own hikes and help others. I am happy to teach and train, because comfort and safety are the pillars of a good hike.


 Muff has today:

  • 5 kayaks
  • 4 SUP boards
  • concrete sailboat
  • some paddle boats

Extra services

In addition, you can order sea taxis, sea breezes, catamarans and other sailing boats through Muff. Feel free to ask for more!

Come and find out!