Concrete glider: construction, advantages and disadvantages

A concrete sailboat is a sailboat with a concrete hull. This is an unusual choice, but concrete sailboats have actually been around for decades and have many advantages over traditional sailboats. The construction of a concrete sailboat starts with the creation of a special mould on which layers of concrete are laid. The hull of the sailboat is completed once the concrete has dried and then the finishing work can begin. Finishing is usually done using epoxy resin, ...

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A ride in a concrete sailboat

It's a concrete boat, so all the fears about soft soles and expensive clothes don't apply to us. We've got it easy. You're just uncomfortable in a Kontsak. In my opinion, sit or bare :D. In a casual hiking suit it's very ok. Hiking boots, hoodies, sweatshirts or bare feet are all very suitable. If somebody comes straight from work with nerves uptight, we'll put it ...

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It smells like spring

It smells like spring already. It hasn't snowed for days. The muff has woken up already. In fact, he's been up all day. I'm nicely waterlogged now. The paper doesn't change much, but the experience and practice gained is invaluable. As well as the fierce friends that have come along. We did a bit of driving in the winter, just to keep our hands warm. From the cold ...

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